domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2009


10 fingers we have each
9 planets around the sun repeat
8 ball is the last if you triumphant be
7 oceans pummel the shores of the sea
6 senses keeping
5 around a sense of self
4 seasons turn on and turn off
I can see 3 corners from this corner
2 is a perfect number
But 1...

Everybody's happy
Everybody's free
We'll keep the big door open
And everyone'll come around
Why are you different
Why are you that way
If you don't step in line
We'll lock you away

It's a typical situation

In these typical times
We can't do a thing about it

4 comentários:

Ti disse...

Obrigada :)

Precious disse...

Eles vêm cá :D :D **

Precious disse...

eu so aprecio o que é de qualidade :p LOL *

Rita disse...

Adorei este post :)